Digital Signature Certificate

eMudhra is a Licensed Certifying Authority (CA) in India and provides retail issuance of Digital Signature Certificates online and through its partner network across India.

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Tax Filing Services

Taxsmile provides individuals with a comprehensive, secured and simple to use solution to efile their income tax returns and manage income tax related needs.

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PAN Services

eMudhra PAN Card services facilitates individuals in acquiring their PAN cards online, be it a new /lost /damaged PAN card at nominal prices in a few simple steps.

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Enterprise Security Services

eMudhra’s Enterprise Security Services (ESS) practice delivers integrated security and compliance solutions across a multitude of industry verticals. eMudhra ESS addresses key challenges enterprises face with framework for enhancing confidentiality, strong authentication and transaction security to cope up with ever-changing identity and transaction management risks.

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Semantic Analysis

Veda Semantics provides semantic technology that can capture the meaning of information, domain specific relationships and support the integration of structured, semi-structured and unstructured information automatically, making enterprise business applications more effective.

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Our Mission
Easing our customers life while doing their financial and other transactions.

What Customers Say

  • Digital Signature

    I am very much impressed with eMudhra’s services, I faced no problems in selecting the optionwhich I wanted. It was very intuitive & very easy to use. Also your support was very good & I really appreciate it. I got the pickup service earlier than expected. While downloading I faced no problem. I have also shared emudhra’s information with my friends in Facebook so that all my friends know about it. eMudhra website is very good, so keep up your good work
    -- Saugata Roy
  • Digital Signature

    It was very comfortable to apply for DSC online; I didn’t find any hurdle in filling up the online application form & getting the process completed. I spoke with customer care and their way of handling customer queries is appreciable.
    -- Rahul Poddar
  • Digital Signature

    It was very easy & comfortable to purchase DSC from eMudhra. It was very convenient & customer care was very helpful as I was continuously calling them as I had no clue about DSC. It was completely a new experience for me. Your website is pretty comfortable & very convenient.
    -- Sanjay Desai
  • Taxsmile

    As they took me through the process systematically and helped me gain knowledge on the best methods to invest for the coming years to help me maintain my taxes better. E-filing with Taxsmile has really been a Wonderful and Smiling experience with filing my taxes all the way
    -- Divya Shetty
  • Taxsmile

    Saved time spent standing in long queue at the income tax office during hectic business hours
    -- Mohammed Zafrulla
  • Taxsmile

    Tax filing has become a dream-come-true easy now. Earlier it was nightmare. Taxsmile has made the process a cakewalk. Way to go. Keep it up!
    -- Updesh Kumar Singh
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