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Secure paperless solution with integrated workflow

Streamlining your document signing and document management process is a great way to boost your business’ productivity. emSigner is a secure cloud (SaaS) based digital signature based solution which can be accessed from anywhere and anytime and it allows you to sign legally binding documents online, without pen, paper or fax. emSigner is devised to suit the needs of Individuals, SMEs and Enterprises for their day to day various kinds of document signing needs.


Derives customer sentiments across all sources of data

Prism is a big data analytics product enabling corporates to get meaningful information and business inferences from structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. To enable analysis of semi-structured and unstructured data Prism uses Natural Language processing and statistical text mining extensively. This enables corporates to draw meaningful inferences from data as varied as social media postings to emails and chats from Customers.


Digitally sign any document within seconds

eMudhra eSign is a new and innovative electronic signature service which can facilitate an Aadhaar holder to digitally sign a document within seconds. The signatures generated by eSign are legally vaild and secure under the IT Act, 2000. eSign eliminates the hassle of signing a document physically or with a dongle based digital signature. eSign service allows any Aadhaar holder to digitally sign any document from anywhere, thus improving the organizational efficiency many fold with increased user convenience.


Scalable plug & play enterprise authentication server

eMAS is a highly scalable plug and play enterprise authentication server with multiple modes of strong authentication including Digital Signatures, OTP among many others. eMAS supports various application servers, RDBMS, operating systems, browsers and mobile devices to make it more scalable.

Digital Transformation and Rethinking

Digital transformation is all about building competitive differentiation through technology. Digital Transformation aims at delivery of products and services to Consumers in a most convenient way at a much reduced cost for the Organization.

At eMudhra, we are undertaking digital transformations, rethinking what customers value most and creating operating models that take advantage of what’s newly possible for competitive differentiation. eMudhra has a unique mix of enterprise and consumer driven products aimed to reshaping their customer value propositions and reconfiguring operating models using digital technologies.

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