Purchasing a car is often a very important decision for a buyer. The high price, durability, and the sense of attachment one develops with the vehicle make the decision to acquire a car a critical one. As a result, most buyers spend enormous amounts of time on the internet, looking at reviews of other buyers, to determine the best possible car they could buy. More often than not, the purchase decision has mostly been made even before the first step into the showroom.

Therefore, identification of critical attributes that customers talk about, and how a specific model compares with others on these attributes (e.g. perception on price, looks, comfort, etc.), is essential information a salesperson must possess before engaging a buyer. Prism is specifically geared to provide car manufacturers and dealers with exactly this kind of information.

  • Integrate feedback across customer channels (emails, online reviews, social media, call centre transcripts, etc)
  • Determine what area customers like (or do not like) about the store (eg delivery times, service, damaged goods, payment issues, return or refund issues), so that they can be immediately looked into
  • Determine what customers are saying about various products so that this information can be used for better stocking decisions going forward, rather than relying purely on actual sales, which is a post-event indicator
  • Monitor competitive action (e.g. events, promotions, etc.) on a continuous basis, in an automated manner