With the proliferation of Internet resulting in huge competition, Life and Non-Life Insurance companies are constantly faced with the need for improving turn around times to onboard a customer and for issuance of policies.

Legally Valid Digital Signatures offer an ideal use case for going paperless for customer onboarding, policy requests and approvals, claims submissions, reinsurance paperwork thereby reducing cost and drastically improving turn around times.

Paperless Office Transformation

eMudhra’s paperless office solution emSigner works on the cloud to transform customer, supplier, internal workflows to completely paperless ones using Digital Signatures. emSigner is designed to allow customized workflow definitions, multi party signatures, sequential or parallel signing, encryption.

In a typical implementation for customer on boarding in Insurance, Customers use legally valid transaction based digital signatures which are generated server side while the approver uses a higher risk assurance class of digital signature in a crypto token to review and bulk sign approvals to complete the workflow. The documents are encrypted and stored in an inbuilt Document Vault. The documents are archived based on regulations for easy future retrieval.

Using emSigner results in huge cost savings, compliance and improved customer experience for Life and Non-Life Insurance companies. For more information, please click here to go to emSigner site.