e-Governance is at the center of Digital Transformation for Governments and digital signatures can enable Digital Transformation by making Government to Citizen services and vice versa completely paperless.

eMudhra has been an integral part of the Digital Signature and PKI ecosystem development in India and Mauritius and has extensive experience in Digital Transformation projects which include

e-Sign – Issuance of Digital Signatures based on India’s National ID where 1bn citizens of India can now digitally sign any document based on AADHAAR (India’s National ID)

Digital Locker – Digital Locker project launched by Government of India under the Digital India vision uses eMudhra e-Sign service to allow citizens of India to securely sign documents such as Identity proofs, Transcripts etc and share it with relying parties

Mauritius National PKI Implementation – eMudhra setup the Root CA infrastructure for the Government of Mauritius and is also a licensed Certifying Authority in Mauritius for issuance of Digital Signatures

Income Tax Department in India – eMudhra’s signing and authentication platform helped the Income Tax Department in India go paperless by accepting and providing the ability to validate digitally signed tax returns.

Director General of Supplies and Disposals – eMudhra enabled Digital Signature based eProcurement System for the Government of India for centralized procurement. This ensures confidentiality of bids using advanced encryption methodologies.

State Government e-Offices – eMudhra works with several State Governments in India for enabling digital signature based approval and workflows to government e-office projects

E-District – eMudhra has implemented digital signature based e-District systems for legally valid electronic issuance of citizen certificates such as Birth, Death, Marriage, Licenses etc

Commercial Taxes – Several State Government Commercial Tax Departments in India use eMudhra’s PKI solutions and Digital Signatures to accept and authenticate digitally signed tax returns thereby enabling tax departments to completely go paperless.

National Id based digital signatures such as e-Sign and associated solutions can be used to enable Digitally Signed workflow can be used to transform into completely paperless interactions for many Government to Citizen Services. These include

  • E-Stamping for end to end Digital Contracts – Use of digital signatures and e-Sign, for end to end digital contracts with collection of stamp duty
  • E-District - Use e-Sign to digitally accept requests from Citizens for Income Certificate, Birth Certificate and issue these Certificates digitally through Citizen Service Centers or their equivalents
  • Licenses and Permits – Use e-Sign to digitally provide services related to licenses & permits like arm licenses, inner line permits, etc.
  • Election – Use of e-Sign in Electoral roll creation
  • Police - Use e-Sign to eliminate paper in lodging First Information Reports etc
  • Right To Information – Use e-Sign to digitally accept and sign Right To Information requests
  • Health – Use of e-Sign for paperless Child Registration, Pregnant Women Registration, Patient Registration
  • Rural Development – Use of e-Sign to digitally accept requests for rural development activities such as Job Requests
  • Employment – Use of e-Sign for paperless registration of potential candidates, unemployed citizens, citizens applying for disability allowance
  • Land Revenue – Use e-Sign to provide services related to land holdings such as encumbrance Certificates etc
  • Utility Services – Use e-Sign to digitally onboard customers for electricity, gas, water, telephone etc
  • Social Welfare and Pension – Use e-Sign to provide services to Senior Citizens, Freedom Fighters, Old Age/Widow pension etc
  • Transport – Use e-Sign to eliminate paper for driving license issuance, registration of vehicle, transfer of ownership etc
  • Education – Use of e-Sign to digitally accept requests for scholarships, aids and grants
  • Public Distribution System – Use of e-Sign for issue of Identity Card pertaining to public distribution.
  • Urban Development and Municipality – Use e-Sign to digitally accept requests such as housing allotments by Competent Urban Development Authority
  • Passport Services – Use of e-Sign for paperless passport application
  • Financial Inclusion – Use of e-Sign for financial inclusion such as bank account opening, loan application, loan waiver programmes
  • Skill Development - Use e-Sign to eliminate paper for application to Skill Development programmes

Currently, many Government systems are computerized and use systems for processing of applications. But the citizen to government interaction still requires paper based forms, applications and signatures. Data Entry of this signed application is again done into the system thus resulting in costs associated with paper movement and associated time delay

With e-Sign, citizens can submit e-Signed application based on AADHAAR which will result in

  • Legally valid digital application form which can be accepted by the existing systems
  • Elimination of paper and need for data entry of physical application form
  • Quicker turnaround times and faster processing of citizen requests