In today’s competitive era, telecom businesses need dynamic tools to stay ahead and serve customers efficiently. Therefore, efforts are on towards process automation and convenience. Growing Internet penetration, and legal validity in various countries have made digital signature an ideal option to automate business processes, and reduce paper costs. Digital signatures are being used to streamline and speed up customer relations and transactions in a secure way. Some of the use cases for Digital Signatures in Telecom include

New connections opening using eKYC and eSignatures

For any Telecom Company, collecting Customer Acquisition Form (CAF) becomes a very big task from various outlets spread across. Through the help of eKYC (electronic customer profile data) and eSignatures using PKI, the Customer acquisition process becomes much simpler.

With a help of a fingerprint device or PKI Smart Cards, the telecom companies can feed all their details into the system, based on either a National ID based profile or profile from a Trusted Third Party. This can be the basis for issuance and usage of a server side or client side digital signature to customers to digitally sign paperwork.

Digital signature enabled eBilling through bulk signing and email dispatch

Any business application can send out e-documents in place of paper, however in order to ensure authenticity and trust, it’s important to digitally sign the documents before they are sent externally. Bulk signing of documents allows telecom companies to send across the bills to Customers and digitally signed receipts can be provided.

Contracts or other documents signing by different stakeholders using co-signing feature

Telecom Companies can build a completely digitized paperless environment and a cost effective process by digitally signing of important company documents that are legally binding and guarantees the origin of the documents that can be established. It also shall ensure that the documents are not tampered with to ascertain the integrity of documents.

Paperless Office Transformation across Corporate Offices and Branches

eMudhra's emSigner solution is used at multiple locations across India and used by various stakeholders in multiple departments like HR, Finance, Legal etc. The invoices, income tax computations, Bills and other documents are digitally signed using the keys secured in HSM to ensure the integrity of document. This creates a confidence in stakeholders and Customers mind as he/she can verify the authenticity of signatory without.