Data Analytics

Prism is a social listening and response tool, that has inbuilt advanced sentiment detection capabilities. As a result, no longer do you have to be content with a statement being positive or negative. You can now automatically identify what attribute of your product is being talked about the most and automatically assign sentiment to it, even in complex sentences that may talk about more than one attribute. To top it off, Prism also accepts your internal data (say customer emails or survey results) and can combine this analysis with data you have collected from millions of social feeds. After all, there is absolutely no reason why data collected from internal and external channels should be kept in separate silos!

Data Analytics

Create better impact by uncovering actionable
insights from unstructured data

Prism provides semantic technology that can capture the meaning of information, domain specific relationships and support the integration of structured, semi-structured and unstructured information automatically, making enterprise business applications more effective.

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Omni Channel Data Aggregation Listen to every conversation from your customer

Customers talk to you through different external and internal channels.
Use Prism to aggregate conversations from every channel to get actionable insights.

  • Social Media – Collect real-time data and historical data from social sources like Twitter, Facebook, Facebook brand pages etc;
  • Reviews – Collect reviews from any review site; and let Prism analyse and tell you which attribute your customer is giving you a 5 star rating (positive sentiment) and which attribute a 1 star rating (negative sentiment).
  • Blogs & Boards – Collect expert reviews from major blogging platforms like Tumblr, Wordpress etc; and analyse how your brand is getting reviewed by influential people.
  • Email – Prioritize your customer support emails, act on your customer problems before your customers go social and increase your CSAT level.
  • Relational Databases – Collect data from your app data stores like transaction notes, remarks etc; or even customer profile data and Prism which group of customers are having problems.
  • Excel – Upload flat file data about customers, transactions or messages into the system quickly using Excel
  • Custom – Is your data source is not listed here? Talk to us. We will help you out in getting data from your specific source.

Analyze Understand in real time what customers are telling you about various features of your product

Understanding every conversation and analysing all the data manually involves large amount of time, cost and more prone to human errors and biased analysis. Prism lets you continuously analyse all your customer’s conversations with its proprietary sentiment, problem, intent analysis and entity recognition engines.
Unlike statistical analysis tools Prism’s platform is built on natural language processing and machine learning technologies. Now derive sentiments not just at message level, but at word, entity, clause and sentence levels also and get answers to questions like “How many customers are unhappy about camera but happy about battery of brand X mobile?” and a whole lot of other customer metrics.

Analyse More Get more insights about your customers, by linking their profile data

Analysing only the conversations will not give you answers to certain complex queries like “How many female customers in 20-25 age group are unhappy about camera but happy about battery of brand X mobile?”.
Prism gives you the ability to link customer profile data and get powerful and granular segmentation that is otherwise impossible to quickly derive

Share Insights Enlighten every department in your organization

Now every individual in your organization can take informed decisions. With Prism, you can share the insights with each department in the form of reports or by simply triggering event / threshold based alerts to the respective owners and help them to take right actions or decisions.

Engage Never let Influencers destroy your brand

Prism’s response analysis helps you to respond to your customers in a timely fashion or even allow you to escalate or forward it to the right person for necessary action. Want to see it live in action. Try Prism for Free.(or) Request for a demo. Let us show you how Prism is helping large brands add intelligence around customers at the point of sale or customer interaction.