Identity & Transaction Management

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) based authentication is considered the safest way to protect the online information by creating trust and security among the customers. The solution provides organizations an unmatched level of access control and flexibility for secured access to online applications along with maintenance of transaction records. For strong two factor authentication or transaction security, the emAS provides a highly scalable, centralized authentication server with the capability to manage a wide range of security tokens. The solution complies with both Indian as well as global standards.


emAS supports various authentication channels. That includes:

  • Digital signature based authentication
  • OAUTH compliant OTP based authentication. Modes include:
    SMS/Email OTP; Web OTP; Mobile OTP; OTP for OWA; Soft token OTP; Hard token OTP
  • Biometric based authentication
  • Secure QR Code based authentication [combination of PKI and OTP]

emAS client side component helps in creating digital signature on the file/data. eMudhra’s client side signing component supports all types of browsers and OS. The client side signing component has the capability to filter digital signature certificates based on the validity, class of certificate and issuing CA.

emAS enables Banks, Financial institutions and other organizations to support a wide range of authentication methods, building customer confidence in online transactions, increasing security, and reducing costs. This easily deployable secure platform provides an ecosystem with the capability of multiple authentication channels.

Key features

  • Supports multiple authentication mechanisms like Digital Signature, Mobile PKI, Web/SMS/Email OTP
  • Highly flexible and scalable
  • Provides independent authentication policies – ability to select the authentication method as required


  • Minimal changes required in the legacy application
  • Transaction reports and log generation
  • Multiple application support using single authentication engine
  • Standard based security

Solution Areas

Strong 2 Factor authentication for legacy applications.

  • Corporate Internet Banking (CIB)

    In the CIB, PKI based 2 Factor authentication can be implemented in two specific areas like Login Authentication and Transaction Authorization in addition to the available authorization modes.
  • Service Requests

    All service requests such as address change requests, mobile number change requests, cheque book requests, stop payment requests etc can be made online by accepting digitally signed requests directly from the customers.
  • Forex Contract Note Signing

    To mitigate the challenge of time, efforts and paper work, contract notes can be digitally signed using digital signature certificate.