Identity & Transaction Management


emID Solution is a strong authentication solutions based on Citizen ID using the PKI technology. The solution replaces multiple passwords, tokens etc with a single unified credential to help transform citizen services to a fully digital one.

emID is a versatile solution capable of secure management identities and transactions that can work real time on the cloud. emID allows digital signatures to be integrated with the National ID with multiple integration models which include the following -

  • PKI Smart Cards – In this model, a national ID is typically issued on a PKI Smart Card after citizen enrolment. Digital Signatures are embedded into the smart card at the time of enrolment and access to the authentication and signing functions are through PINS which are only with the citizen thereby ensuring legal non-repudiation
  • Crypto SIMs - Crypto SIMs allow for secure storage of digital signatures on SIM cards which can be invoked using signing and authentication pins at the time of transaction signing on mobiles.
  • Biometric authentication of the customer – This involves server side signing based on biometric authentication of the customer. In this case, biometrics are captured along with citizen personal details at the time of enrolment for the National ID which are further used to authenticate the user as well as retrieve KYC of the citizen for the purpose of customer onboarding

In India, eMudhra has implemented emID in India with e-Sign where digital signatures are issued using AADHAAR (National ID). In India, e-Sign works on server side certificates which are generated for every transaction thus allowing cost effective transaction based digital signature pricing.