Identity & Transaction Management

The free Digital Locker application keeps track of all your belongings, and is always available — at a moment's notice — in case of an emergency. With emLocker, you can keep a detailed visual catalog of your valuables, organize items by rooms and categories, save your data to the cloud, and download your locker contents. Also, you can eSign your documents when required and send it across to the concerned person.


Securely Store, Organize, Manage, Sign and Access your documents at one place

eMudhra emLocker helps Governments and Enterprises deploy a secure central repository where customers or citizens can upload their own electronic documents, store the documents securely and digitally sign them using digital signatures either on crypto token or based on National ID. These digitally signed documents such as Identity Proofs, Address Proofs or Transcripts can be shared with other parties or entities when required for the purpose of customer identification or Know Your Customer. Moreover, these documents can be sorted, managed and organized by tagging the document to category for easy retrieval. This would allow users anytime, anywhere access to the documents and also ensure privacy and authorized access.

Multiple parties can be connected to the emLocker system for pushing, pulling authentic digitally signed information for any citizen or customer with customer consent.

Use cases include

  • Governments can create their own digital locker using emLocker and connect Government to Citizen Services such as Utilities, Education, Public Distribution, Pension where all documents for a citizen can be pushed or pulled based on the National Id
  • Banks can create their own digital locker using emLocker to securely push Bank Statements, Tax Statements, Access PINS
  • Tax or Company Administration Departments can create their own digital locker using emLocker that can be integrated with their existing systems to allow both the department and citizens to securely upload tax or company documents by digitally signing them
  • Schools and Universities can run their own digital locker to push digitally signed school transcripts which can then later be accessed and shared by students for the purpose of further education or identification

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Features & Benefits

emLocker APIs can be used for pushing documents to the respective citizen or customer emLocker accounts.


Flexibility to self attest documents using two modes of signing i.e. eSign as well as conventional digital signature. Valid under IT Act 2008.


Share vital documents to anyone (Banks, Mutual funds, Govt. Agencies, Corporate etc.) with ease.

Push and Pull

Push or pull documents with customer consent based on National ID or Customer ID to create seamless access


Securely store all your personal documents at one place. You can even import e-documents from Google Drive, Box and Dropbox.


Sort, manage and organise all your e-documents by tagging document to category for easy retrieval.


Search, View, Download, Sign, Manage and Send e-documents to anyone from anywhere and anytime.


Using globally accepted PKI standards for securely storing your documents.