Identity & Transaction Management

Paper is an integral component of any and every office environment. Irrespective of the industry that an organization belongs to, it produces a vast amount of paper every day. It’s undoubtedly true that managing the vast amount of papers is a time consuming and difficult task. Moreover, it also requires a lot of physical storage and huge operational costs to keep all the hard copies of the documents. This is why businesses prefer to follow the trend of setting up a paperless office. eMudhra provides a paperless product - emSigner has advanced workflow along with document management systems created on the PKI technology that enables the users to replace the hard copy documents with digitized documents.


Keeping the varied requirements of organizations in mind, emSigner is designed in a way that it helps establish a paperless office in an effective way. With an easy to use interface, making digitized version of documents is cost effective, time saving and absolutely simple.

emSigner has kept in mind a state of art technology that helps reduce the usage of paper and thus helps organizations become environment friendly.

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How eMudhra helps establish a paperless office?

emSigner helps organizations go paperless by allowing them to replace the document flow corresponding to the data flow in their existing ERP/CRM’s. emSigner does not touch your core IT or Document Management systems but acts as a layer on top of them to help you go paperless by allowing you to digitally sign documents wherever physical or wet signatures are required

  • Inbuilt Functional Workflows

    With the help of emSigner, you can set document workflows for each function such as Human Resources, Finance, Legal and for specialized workflows in Banking, Insurance etc and set both sequential and parallel signing.
  • Document Vault

    emSigner helps you to manage your digital documents in an orderly fashion. You can create and manage categories meant for category based document storage. For example in Human Resource Department can categorize their documents by storing documents in respective folders like Appointment letters, Offer letters, Increment letters etc.
  • Signature Validation

    emSigner has inbuilt validation engine which validates all digitally signed documents with necessary checks to ensure the signature is valid.
  • Encryption

    emSigner uses 2048bit advanced encryption to store, transmit documents so that only the intended receiver of the document is able to view and sign the document.
  • Multi Platform

    emSigner is available on cloud, mobile so that documents can be initiated, accessed and signed across devices and platforms.
  • Auto Backup

    Once you upload and store all the sensitive data, you can be rest assured about the disaster recovery of all those documents. Unlike the hard copy of the documents, you will always be able to access the backup version.
  • Share Documents with the click of a button

    emSigner allows you to share the documents just with a single click, as it allows easy sharing process.
  • Inbuilt Document Management System

    emSigner has an advanced DMS that allows you to keep all the documents in an organized way with encryption, tagging, smart search for easy retrieval.