In order to succeed in a world that is being irrevocably digitized, organizations must renew their core and simultaneously innovate into new frontiers. Whether it is in the renewal of existing systems and bringing more efficiency, or addressing completely new kinds of opportunities that are opening up - enterprises need new ideas and new innovations, eMudhra is constantly changing to deliver the best to its Customers. The products below encompass a variety of platforms to cater to the individual and statutory needs of the Customers.

Digital Signature

Certifying Authority authorised by the CCA

eMudhra is a Licensed Certifying Authority (CA). eMudhra Digital Signature are accepted by various Central and State Government Departments, PSU Organizations, Banks and other Corporates...

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Secure Paperless Solution with Integrated Workflow

Streamlining your document signing and document management process is a great way to boost your business’ productivity. emSigner is a secure cloud (SaaS) based digital...

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Digitally Sign any Document within Seconds

eMudhra eSign is a new and innovative electronic signature service which can facilitate an Aadhaar holder to digitally sign a document within seconds. The signatures generated by eSign...

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Store, Organize, Sign & Access your Document at one place

eMudhra emLocker helps Indian Residents to upload their own electronic documents, store the documents securely and digitally sign them using the e-sign facility using their Aadhaar Number...

Data Analytics

Real time predictive analytics about your customers

Prism provides semantic technology that can capture the meaning of information, domain specific relationships and support the integration of structured, semi-structured & unstructured...

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No complicated Plans! No Price Discrimination

The number of people filing their income taxes electronically has increased considerably over the years. Close to 16 million people in India file their tax returns electronically...

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Identity and Transaction Management

Innovative solutions for Electronic Identity Assurance, Authentication and Signature Services.

eMudhra’s Identity and Access management solutions allow organizations to meet the evolving needs around cloud applications and mobile devices by enabling secure access to online resources and protecting the digital interactions of employees, partners, and customers with market-leading strong authentication and digital signing products.

Offering fully automated cloud-based authentication and extensive lifecycle management, eMudhra's digital security and authentication platforms are designed to provide fool-proof security in complex environments, reduce administrative overheads and also offer a solid foundation to scale in both cloud and on-premises PKI environments. Whether located on the cloud, the corporate data center, or virtual environments, eMudhra's broad range of authentication methods and form factors allow enterprises to secure access to any application from any device.