Code signing certificates from a trusted certificate provider allow developers to digitally sign their software so that customers know the code has not been altered or hacked when they download it. Malware and phishing threats are continually on the rise, making customers far more concerned about their online security. Consumers are increasingly looking for the signs of a secure, trustworthy website before making a purchase or downloading content from any website.

Code Signer Certificates

Secure the distribution of your code and content over the Internet

eMudhra Code signing certificates are digital certificates that will help protect users from downloading compromised files or applications. When a file or application signed by a developer is modified or compromised after publication, a popup browser warning will appear to let users know that the origin of the file or application cannot be verified.

eMudhra Code Signing creates a digital "shrink-wrap" for secure distribution of code and content over the Internet. eMudhra Code Signing adds a level of trust by providing third-party authentication of the code signer, recognized worldwide.

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Why eMudhra Code Signer Certificates?

  • eMudhra Code Signing Certificate creates a trusted sales outlet

    your customers can be sure they are receiving the genuine software
  • eMudhra Code Signing Certificate ensures authenticity

    Assures users that they know the publisher of the software
  • eMudhra Code Signing Certificate ensures integrity

    Verifies that code has not been tampered with since publication