eMudhra is the only Indian organisation with a PKI Centre of Excellence and with over a decade of experience in working with public key infrastructure and related technologies. The Public Key Infrastructure CoE consists of a team of motivated professionals with global exposure in architecting building PKI applications. We have developed a best in class end-to-end PKI technologies framework, that enable building applications for secure digital identity and transaction management with ease.

Skills Outsourcing

Provide skills in key PKI technologies such as security architecture and key management, signing and authentication for people, devices and applications, encryption and advanced cryptography. Delivery may either be at client locations across geographies or more cost effectively from India.

Turnkey Application Development and Maintenance Service Projects

Develop and manage PKI related applications involving various technologies. Carry out projects on a turnkey basis.

Follow established development and project management methodologies to ensure project delivery within planned quality, cost and time.

PKI Centre of Excellence

Third Party Research and Development Services

Collaborate on research initiatives exploring industry specific PKI applications. Carry out research on required PKI areas and publish results. Develop products for OEMs, based on defined frameworks and standards.


Mentoring professionals from organisations exploring the development of their PKI capabilities. Training Centre for various PKI technologies.

Our Centre of Excellence model is powered by our experience, expertise and engineering capabilities garnered over diverse industry specific projects. In addition to our PKI capabilities, we have also developed best practices in project delivery as well as comprehensive governance models to ensure seamless and effective project management.

We also have strategic tie-ups to ensure a steady supply chain of key competence in PKI technologies for our Centre of Excellence.