We are one of the leading specialized Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) consultancies in the APAC Region

Public key infrastructures are a critical piece of almost every IT infrastructure, helping establish the identity of data, people, devices and services. The number of applications in an enterprise that rely on a PKI for their basis of trust is ever increasing. A PKI plays a vital role in enabling organizations to implement, for example, an enterprise ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) strategy, certificate and key injection into devices such as set top boxes, mobile phones and printers, and feature enablement for cars, construction equipment, and other ‘intelligent’ high value assets.

With over 8 years experience in advising, designing and deploying Public key Infrastructure (PKI) solutions for financial, telecom, government and specialized agencies, eMudhra has the knowledge your business requires. By the virtue of being of Certifying Authority (CA) in India and Mauritius, eMudhra is helping enterprises and governments develop in-house solutions by bringing our expertise to accelerate your understanding of which PKI trust model fits your business - this is where we excel.

Whatever PKI design we recommend, it will always be flexible, robust, proven, extensible, scalable and adaptable so that it grows with your business needs. If you already have a tactical in-house solution, we are the perfect partners to develop this into a strategic world class solution to meet all your future certificate requirements.

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) compliance documentation and legal policy development is another important service that we offer. We are particularly fluent in the construction of Certificate Policy documents (CP), Certificate Practice Statements (CPS) and Subscriber and Relying Party agreements.

Building single root PKI hierarchies to very complex cross certified mesh PKI hierarchies using FIPS-2 and EAL accredited Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) and industrial strength Certificate Authority software - this is the cornerstone of our business.

Helping you acquire compliance through PKI is what we have been doing for many companies and converting them into technical solutions is a particular quality we are proud of

Public Key Infrastructure