Citizen e-Signatures

Features of Citizen e-Signatures

  • With Citizen e-Signatures, a citizen can digitally sign any document based on the citizen ID.
  • Cloud based server side signing thus allowing easy and fast access.
  • Supports both OTP and Biometric based Authentication.
  • Any citizen ID holder has to authenticate for each transaction.
  • Document never leaves users computer. Thus, secure and confidential.
  • eMudhra is the first empaneled eSign Service Provider in India licensed by CCA, Ministry of IT, Government of India.

eMudhra’s Citizen e-ID solutions therefore offer a comprehensive solution for governments to embark on Digital Transformation and integrate Digital Signatures with National ID to go completely paperless in a cost effective manner resulting in the following benefits

  • Quick creation of the enabling ecosystem
  • Expensive Smart Cards or crypto SIM’s not required
  • Can be readily linked to existing National ID’s and Customer Profiles
  • Platform agnostic resulting in quick and easy adoption by relying parties such as Banks etc