Multi Factor Authentication

As Banks and other customers offer customers multi-channel access for transaction access, they are opening their mission critical applications to ever increasing cyber vulnerabilities. It is important therefore to move away from traditional forms of login access that include username and passwords to more secure access such as One Time Passwords, Knowledge Base, Biometric and finally Digital Signature Certificates (X.509) to ensure legal non-repudiation.

emAS is eMudhra’s flagship multi factor authentication solution that is used by some of the largest banks in the world to secure their Internet Banking infrastructure offered to customers.

emAS with its advanced feature set allows users to define transaction thresholds for various forms of authentication and is deployable across Operating Systems and fully compatible across browsers.

Off the shelf, emAS comes with support for multiple modes of authentication

  • One Time Passwords (Web, Hardware and Mobile)
  • Tokens (Hardware, Software, Mobile Apps)
  • Biometrics
  • Knowledge Base
  • Digital Signature Certificates (Bluetooth, Server Side)

For use of Digital Signature Certificates (X.509), eMudhra’s proprietary technology ensures seamless signing without the usual challenges associated with signing using JAVA applets which are no longer recognized by leading browsers.

With the convergence of analytics and security, emAS integrates predictive analytics using big data platforms into its multifactor authentication suite. Unsupervised and supervised machine learning models are run to detect anomalies in customer behaviour which is determined using behavioural, social and relational profiles to prompt additional layer of authentication

Why eMudhra Multi Factor Authentication?

eMudhra’s multi-factor authentication software delivers the protection you expect, while enabling customers with broader choice of secure access across multiple channels. As a result, organizations using our Multi Factor Authentication software have:

  • Legal Non-repudiation

    Acceptance of legally valid digital signatures ensures legal non-repudiation for Banks when customers transact
  • Adaptive Authentication

    Using proprietary predictive analytics models that use machine learning, fraud patterns are identified real time to either prevent the transaction or prompt an additional layer of authentication
  • Easy Implementation

    emAS is integrated with several leading core banking and internet banking solutions thereby resulting in a quick and seamless deployment
  • Plug and Play

    emAS is fully configurable and allows authentication across multiple customer channels
  • Speed and Scalability

    emAS processes requests within 7ms and is highly scalable. It is trusted by large banks in India who have several hundred million customers