PKI for Internet of Things

Build high scale identity management and security into your mobile and IoT devices.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to connect objects and relay information to people, new possibilities for business and personal life abound. The benefits of a connected world mean that the IoT will only get bigger. As it does, so will the possibility of security threats.

Security is of paramount importance in any connected systems such as smart grids of infrastructures, homes, offices, etc. As more devices connect to the Internet and each other, those devices will require certificates. PKI has been securing network-connected devices all along, so expanding its use for the IoT makes sense. PKI has proven its worth in solving high-assurance problems for the past two decades and stands ready to securely manage digital certificates for the IoT.

This is something that eMudhra has realized, and we have aligned our proven PKI suite to suit these areas. PKI will emerge as the best practice for identification, authentication, and secure communications for IoT devices. With over 8 years of experience as an identity services provider, and proven PKI and IAM solutions, eMudhra is uniquely positioned to help you build identity management and security into your IoT ecosystem.

With the eMudhra PKI suite we offer solutions for key management, secure key storage, and secure access. In specific cases, it is particularly important that the systems are kept running at all times and that certificates can be issued quickly. By supporting automatic enrolment and renewal, the eMudhra PKI suite minimizes manual processes. By providing a wide protocol support and integration possibilities, the suite guarantees that every environment has a digital identity at all times.

  • Build identity management into your IoT solution.
  • Fast POC Development with minimum CAPEX.
  • High volume capabilities: issue 1,000 certificates per second.
PKI for Internet of Things