PKI Managed Services

Deployment of PKI infrastructure can be complex and costly. As a licensed Certifying Authority in India and Mauritius and having setup Root CA infrastructures across the world, eMudhra’s expertise in deployment of PKI infrastructure is available as managed services. These include

  • Consulting on setup of Root CA and Issuing CA infrastructure
  • Policies, Guidelines and Certificate Practice Statements
  • Implementation/Migration and maintenance of Hardware (Hardware Security Modules) and Software for Certificate Lifecycle Management (Certificate Manager, CRL, OCSP, Timestamping)
  • Onsite and offshore support backed by PKI center of excellence
  • Cloud based and Enterprise deployments

eMudhra’s suite of products allow you to centralize management of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Certificate Authority (CA) functions allowing customers multi channel access (Cloud or Mobile) for transaction authentication and signing.

eMudhra’s Managed PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) accounts are fully integrated systems that allow for rapid deployment and empower you to take control of certificate management across your entire enterprise.

eMudhra’s Managed PKI managed services platform allows for highly individualized payment plans that allow both Capex and Opex models with or without royalty for certificate issuance.