Digital Signature Technology

Automated cloud-based authentication and extensive lifecycle management

emSigner simplifies the electronic signature on the go

Powerful Enterprise Solution
Easy to use and accessible anytime anywhere
Secure paperless solution with integrated workflow
Enables automation of workflows using Digital Signatures across industry

Secure cloud and mobile digital signature experience







Digital signature solutions been around for some years now, but of late with Digitalisation, it has become mainstream. Today’s digital signatures are easy to use, most secure and convenient.

Digital signatures also called eSignatures have become popular because it allows users to sign documents on the web with a simple click of the mouse. eMudhra’s Digital Signature Technology works on the Public Key Infrastructure framework which uses a Cryptographic Key Pair – Private and Public Key for secure access and transmission of Information and signs the document using the token or eSign using National ID’s.

Digital Signature solutions can be used by any organisation or Individual for singing any document digitally without use of paper and pen. This eliminates the physical moment of papers for approvals, fastens the process, reduces the cost significantly in terms of printing, scanning and fax and improves customer experience due to faster turnaround time.

Complaint with local and industry electronic signature standards

eSignature is one of the key elements for Faceless and Paperless transformation of countries globally. eMudhra’s esignature enables you to automate and manage entire digital workflows from end-to-end using emSigner, a secure cloud (SaaS) based automated workflow-cum-signing solution that are compliant with local and industry eSignature standards, like Electronic Transaction Act and Information Technology Acts of respective countries.

Convenient and Easy to Use Solution

Driving a complete paperless solution, eMudhra’s emSigner empowers most secure and convenient way to digitally sign any document.

It automates the entire end-to-end approvals of vendor payment forms, purchase orders, employee on boarding, NDA, service agreement, issue Channel authorisation letter etc. within a fraction of seconds. It can be integrated with your existing company’s systems and workflow that will automate and fasten all of your business requirement workflows, save time and money while staying secure and complaint with industry eSignature standards.

It facilitates the validity of the digital signatures (PDF/XML/PKCS#7) as well as the time stamp on the document.

Sign using eSignature or digital signature that complements your business

The critical component of eSign or digital signature is the way you authenticate the signer before using the digital signature. eMudhra’s two factor authentication relies on KYC of individuals either based on National ID’s or pre-vetting before issuing the digital signature.

eSignatures cater to broader Global and Industry Use Cases
and drive automation and straight through processing


  • Secure Internet Banking
  • Bulk Signing of eStatements using Digital Signatures
  • Secure transfer of eBanking / Mobile banking / CC PINs
  • Paperless Office Transformation for HR, Finance, Legal
  • Paperless Customer Onboarding


  • New connections opening using eKYC and eSignatures
  • Digital signature enabled eBilling through bulk signing and email dispatch
  • Dually sign contracts or other documents using co-signing feature
  • Paperless Office Transformation for HR, Finance, Legal

Capital Markets

  • Customer Onboarding for Brokerage Houses
  • Broker Onboarding for Exchanges
  • Demat account opening
  • Contract Notes
  • Settlement Instructions


  • E-Stamping for end to end Digital Contracts
  • eSign Licenses and Permits
  • E-District
  • Passport Services