eMudhra is focused on secure digital transformation, enabling organizations to progress and evolve without sacrificing the thing that matters most in the society, trust. The company has an end-to-end stack around trust services and related applications ranging from trust certificates to core Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to electronic/digital signature to authentication applications. Some of the areas of focus are around paperless transformation, identity management, AI-driven digital initiatives and building digital trust ecosystems at all levels.

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eMudhra offers a unified ecosystem for digital transformation with its suite of products, used for Identity Assurance, Authentication and Paperless Transformation at scale.

emSigner - Electronic Signature Application

emSigner is a robust paperless office solution that is specifically designed to help customers make the paperless shift using electronic signatures in a seamless manner. When it comes to compliance, emSigner supports most global signature standards including the US eSign Act, eiDAS, Indian IT Act, UNCITRAL Model Act, and other regional regulations around the world. From a product standpoint, emSigner is feature-packed and equipped to help small and large organizations alike! With an in-built DMS engine, workflow management engine, 2-factor authentication, tamper-proof audit logs, and even a hybrid QR technology to manage printed document authenticity, emSigner is sure to help customers go paperless in a secure manner.

emAS IAM - User Authentication Solution

eMudhra's feature packed user authentication solution-emAS-that enables digital trust, conforms with all the global standards around Single Sign On, Multi-factor Authentication & Public Key Infrastructure. It is extremely user friendly with a quicker than average deployment time and is perhaps one of the few user authentication systems with PKI functionality.

emCA - Certificate Lifecycle Management and Discovery Suite

emCA is a comprehensive suite of digital products for certificate lifecycle management and discovery, which makes it an ideal choice for enterprises and governments around the world for setting up trust services or certifying authority. It is compliant with global standards such as EAL 4+ CC PP 1.5. Built for scale, emCA offers comprehensive CA services with turn-key modules for certificate issuance, revocation, OCSP, timestamping and business operations (RA).

As the number of Machines surpass that of humans, a product like emCA becomes the beacon of hope for safe deployment and operations of IoT devices across industries. emCA offers extremely low latency for IoT scenarios with capacity to issue over 200 certificates per second. With flexible deployment models such as software, virtual or hardware, or as a service, emCA is a highly agile CA system for PKI and certificate management.

eMudhra Mentioned in Gartner Researches

eMudhra gets mentioned under PKI and Certificate Management category in the latest Gartner report on 'Managing Machine Identities, Secrets, Keys and Certificates', published on 16th Mar 2022 by Erik Wahlstrom.

"Certificate management systems handle the life cycle of certificates across the organization and provide a single pane of glass over the usage of certificates. PKI and certificate management offerings are typically deployed as software, virtual or hardware appliances, or as a service".

emSigner by eMudhra is listed as a 'Representative Vendor in Electronic Signature,' under the Primary Category, 'Global, Full-Service Enterprise Electronic and Digital Signatures,' in Gartner 2020 Market Guide for Electronic Signature

"Electronic signature adoption has accelerated in the context of remote working and digital transformation, with business process requirements driving solution selection. Security and risk management leaders must work with business leaders to address security, compliance, legal and business needs."

eMudhra Gets Mentioned as a Sample Vendor in Gartner's Report Titled, 'Manage the Critical Risks of Using Electronic Signature'

"The rapid growth of remote digital business transactions requires business integrated electronic and digital signatures. IT leaders and cross-functional teams must rapidly evaluate business, legal, compliance and security risks as they select and implement these solutions."

eMudhra gets Mentioned in Gartner's Market Guide for User Authentication Once Again

According to Gartner's 2020 Market Guide for User Authentication: "An ever-wider variety of options addressing diverse user authentication needs is offered by vendors in adjacent IAM and security markets as well as authentication specialists. Security and risk management leaders must balance innovation against proven effectiveness and ease of implementation."

eMudhra Recognized with an Honorable Mention in Gartner's 2019 Magic Quadrant for Access Management

According to Gartner's 2019 MQ for Access Management: "SaaS-delivered access management has become the norm, as has advanced user authentication including MFA. AM vendors are maturing their approaches to session management, contextual and adaptive access, and API protection, which will begin to enable CARTA-aligned access management approaches."

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