Non availability of encumbrance free land, non-updation of land records and resistance to joint measurement survey of land records delayed a lot of infrastructure projects in the country. Land record management is controlled primarily by three departments, namely, Revenue Department for textual records and maintenance, Survey & Settlement Department for the maintenance of cadastral maps and Registration Department for verification of encumbrances.

India's land record management system is still in a transition phase and once the information related to the property (current owner, cadastral survey, among others) is digitized under the current Digital India Land Records Modernization Programme initiative, the same can be put on a blockchain and regulated by certain rules (Regulatory Policies) using smart contracts. This in turn will be helpful to other stakeholders such as banks, courts, real estate agents and buyers who will be able to substantiate the veracity of a particular record in real time.

emBlock which is based on a Hyperledger Fabric has the following business blockchain components:

The following information will be accessible to all the participants on the blockchain:

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