emStream helps enterprises build customer data platforms and pipelines for ETL, Advanced Analytics and Visualization without writing a single line of code.

Combine structured and unstructured data

emStream has out of the box connectors for a wide variety of structured data sources, RDBMS, NoSQL data stores, unstructured data from Blogs, Boards, Social Media platforms and crawlers that can extract text from websites.

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Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing

Run ML algos for Classification, Clustering, Regression and Natural Language Processing on text data to extract sentiments, people, places, organizations etc from any volume and velocity of data.


Predefined dashboards that enable you to visualize data on graphs, charts, maps, word clouds.


Create graphical representation of data to understand how entities are interlinked and run graph measures such as centrality, connectedness.

Built on Open Source

emStream uses Apache Spark, HDFS and MongoDB to help build enterprise data lakes and unified data analytics that can scale horizontally as your data grows.

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