Secure Internet Login for Banks

In banking applications, intra and inter bank messages travel across various bank networks, carrying highly sensitive data between Customers, Banks, Clearing Houses etc. These messages should be highly confidential and authenticated at each node of communication.

eMudhra’s emAS – flagship multifactor authentication suite, integrates with multiple core banking and internet banking platforms to allow digital signature based authentication between customers, banks, clearing houses for Internet Banking, Electronic Fund Transfer Systems, Cheque Truncation Systems, Structured Finance Messaging Systems etc.


Key Features

emAS is a robust, standards compliant, fully scalable policy driven digital certificate issuance and management solution.

Compliant with global standards

Support for multiple Standards based security.

Plug and play

Minimal changes required in the legacy application.

Multi-authentication Support

Over 15 modes of authentication supported including Digital Signatures, Biometrics

Flexible and Scalable

Highly flexible and scalable with a processing speed of 6ms

Policy and Risk definition

Supports ability to define policies and risk definitions based access and authorization

Transaction Reports

Transaction reports and log generation for audit trail

Multi-Application Support

Support for deployment across platforms and applications

Why emAS

Secure Banking

Secure Banking

Powers user authentication and fund transfers for 32 global banks

PKI-Public Key Infrastructure

PKI-Public Key Infrastructure

Uses Public Key Infrastructure as the backbone to ensure signed transactions that are legally non-repudiable



Integrated Identity, Authentication, Access and Authorization management system with plug and play deployment

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