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Secure Data Exchange

A lot of times large volume data needs to be exchanged over the internet securely! emSafe with its advanced PKI integration allows for encrypting and signing data to ensure confidentiality, integrity and non-repudiation.

Global banks that receive payment files from large Corporates use emSafe combined with digital signatures to ensure security of data in transit.

Typical use cases include multi-platform enabled secure data transfer, enterprise host-to-host secured communication, secure remote data sharing, and personal level file protection. emSafe is available in desktop, SDK and Web service versions.


Key Features

Host to Host Encryption

Standard based security.

Hardware Accelerators for encryption upto 10GB in singe file

Minimal changes required in the legacy application.

Platform Independent

Highly flexible and scalable.

Hybrid Encryption for faster encryption

Provides independent authentication policies - ability to select the authentication method as required.

Support for multiple encryption algorithms

Transaction reports and log generation.

Why emSafe

Rapid Encryption using Hardware Accelerators

Rapid Encryption using Hardware Accelerators

Support for integrating hardware accelerators enabling superfast encryption of data in transit

Source Identification

Source Identification

Uses device certificates to sign and encrypt data that is traceable to its source and provides legal non-repudiation

Client Success
Client Success

"eMudhra's team worked closely to implement host-to-host signing and encryption of payment files providing a secure way of communicating with our corporates."
Senior Vice President,
Large Bank

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