What is emSigner

emSigner is a cloud based eSignature and paperless office solution that simplified signature management on documents using globally accepted legally valid signatures thereby eliminating the need for printing, signing, scanning paper.

With its intuitive interface, any organization, large or small can quickly sign up and start eliminating paper

Why emSigner

Powerful Features

Powerful Features

First signature management solution to introduce a workflow based approach to signing allowing enterprises to configure preset workflows and signatories

Signer Gateway

Signer Gateway

Allows easy signing integration for third party apps using signer gateway

Flexible Deployment

Flexible Deployment

Cloud as well as on-premise deployment options available for more complex integrations

Key Features


Support for multiple signing options – bulk, multi-party, HSM based signing


Unlimited workflows, activities and forms within workflows. Ability to create flexi-forms


Mobile apps to sign documents on iOS and Android


Integrate third party applications as Apps and sign a document


Extensive reports to see volume, trends and paper saved.

Document Management

Document tagging with secure storage

Why print, sign, scan when you can digitally sign?

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