Mobile Security

Our solutions give our customers a competitive edge and help optimize their investments

With proliferation of mobile devices and mobiles emerging as an important access for electronic commerce and banking, mobile Security is a key element in ensuring safe and secure access to customers. eMudhra's mobile Identification solution is an extension of our secure identity and transaction management platforms that allows customers to securely authenticate, access and sign data on transaction platforms.

eMudhra’s secure mobile identity governance platform:

  • Is a multifactor authentication solution (2FA), which also allows signing and confirming transactions using Digital Signatures, Biometrics and other forms of Tokens or One Time Passwords both on hardware and software
  • Is authenticated by our plug and play universal authentication server which incorporates adaptive authentication to identify potential for fraud using real time predictive analytics

eMudhra’s mobile digital signature platform tailors solutions based on the security architecture needs of the customer and allows for the deployment.

  • Generation and use of certificates which are stored in the native cryptographic modules
  • Use of client side certificates on FIPS-140-2 Level 2 mobile can pair Crypto Bluetooth tokens with their native application
  • Use of server side certificates using secure FIPS-140-2 Level 3 or 4 HSM’s which offer enhanced security. This allows any mobile device to securely authenticate and sign transactions on the go

Public Key Infrastructure

PKI has been around for a couple of decades and continues to be the defacto choice for securing communications. United Nations model law recommends the use of PKI for ensuring legal non-repudiation as it has proven to ensure data integrity, confidentiality, authenticity.