Comprehensive Transaction Management

Digital Comprehensive Transaction Management is Convenient, Fast and Secure

With new technologies emerging every day, companies are ready to adopt these technologies to automate their processes, reduce cost and calculate on their ROI. But surprisingly Comprehensive Transaction Management still lags behind, as organisations follow paper based workflow for their day-to-day activities. What matters is they calculate the ROI for paperless technology on the direct costs, without wholly considering the indirect cost of paperless practices.

To add value and turn more profitable, emSigner helps the company to go truly paperless from end-to-end and eliminate the paper usage and wet signature thereby providing a comprehensive digital transaction management platform. emSigner, a secure cloud (SaaS) based automated signing and workflow solution can drive the ease of doing business. It allows to sign multiple documents on the go and can be accessed from anywhere and anytime!

emSigner uses legally valid digital signatures and eSign recognized under India Information Technology Act 2000 and Electronic Transactions Act of various countries to enable a truly paperless organization. It streamlines the process, increases productivity and profitability.