IoT for Smart Cities


Cities will harbor over 65% of the world's population by 2050 and such rapid densification will put immense burden on the physical infrastructure and social fabric of cities. Issues such as traffic, waste disposal, water scarcity & energy availability will be further aggravated. The need of the hour is to add digital intelligence in order to do more with less.

A city is termed as a smart city if it deals with its resources and environment intelligently by making use of "Internet of things (IoT)" technologies that allow data gathering through sensors for actionable insights.

eMudhra's focus in Smart Cities is around two areas

Device Identity Management and Secure Communications

eMudhra offers highly scalable, secure and innovative smart city solutions that helps manage device identities in a Smart City to ensure secure communication between devices and the network.

Big Data Analytics

eMudhra's analytics platform, emStream, consists of data aggregators for sensors, a distributed in-memory processing engine, visualization and is capable of processing voluminous sensor data for quick actionable insights.

Smart City Data Flow

Learn more about how eMudhra's solutions can be used for each of the following Smart City Use Cases

Smart Parking

By embedding sensors into the parking space, real time parking maps are created based on which available car spots are indicated to people that are looking to park.

Smart Waste

Monitoring and predicting the filling rate of bins and integrating them with automated waste disposal vehicles, will reduce environmental pollution and conserve energy.

Smart Lighting

Controlling the luminaries based on real time surrounding data will reduce maintenance cost, enhance customer experience and improve public safety.

Smart Water

Measuring and monitoring the flow across the water cycle will detect leaks, deliver more accurate and direct billing.

Smart Environment

Monitoring air pollution and early detection of calamities such as forest fire, earthquake etc. will improve public health & safety and protect the environment.

Smart Energy

Monitoring energy readings directly from the device and sending them to a central server will reduce operating expenses, improve forecasting and streamline power-consumption.

Benefits of eMudhra's IoT solutions

  • Connect and scale securely and mitigate man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Interoperability of IoT devices across platforms
  • Better and quicker decision making with augmented intelligence
  • Ensure data privacy and integrity
  • Apply security intelligence and analytics

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