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How emStream works?

emStream combines powerful data aggregation features with ability to mine sentiments using a proprietary Natural Language Processing. Built for scale, emStream is used across a wide variety of AI driven use cases which require large volume data processing for actionable insights.


emStream is architected using a modular architecture with three main components - data aggregators, processing engine and visualization. With support for data ingestion across a range of data sources, emSigner's core engine runs on a Apache Spark cluster for Natural Language Processing and Predictive Analytics tasks

Computed data is stored in a NOSQL data store allowing visualizations to be done on Tableau or other popular visualization tools.

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emStream Architecture

Social Graphs

emStream allows advanced graphing capabilities by integrating with leading graph computation technologies such as Apache Spark GraphX, SigmaJS to visually represent relationships and calculate graph densities, shortest paths, network centrality.

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