Public Key Infrastructure

Manage your digital identities and their lifecycle in a single place


The United Nations Model Law for Electronic Commerce suggest the use of PKI for conducting electronic transactions securely on the Internet. This has resulted in legislations being passed in most countries recognizing PKI based digital signatures with identity vetting as a legally valid substitute for physical signatures.

To put in place this regulatory framework, Governments must setup a RootCA to establish the hierarchy of trust. eMudhra works with Governments to help setup Root PKI infrastructure.

eMudhra's Expertise

PKI Consulting

Framing policies and practice statements for operating your Root CA infrastructure.

Deploying PKI Infrastructure

Architecture and implementation of Root CA infrastructure.


Getting your Root CA infrastructure ready for Webtrust Audit.

eMudhra's solutions helped us achieve secure digital transformation as envisaged under Digital India. The team was proactive and was quick to implement emAS.
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