Code Signing Certificates

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Increase Adoption of Software, Inspire User Confidence

As a software developer or software publisher, nothing is more important to you than the integrity of your software script and code. If ever your release is hacked, infected, or altered in any way by a malicious third-party, not only will your reputation take a hit, but in most cases your customers won't trust you enough to give you a second chance. When the stakes are so high why not opt to protect yourself, your brand name along with your customers with fool-proof security provided by eMudhra's Code Signing Certificates.

The PKI powered Code Signing Certificates provided by eMudhra allows authorized software publishers to digitally sign and shrink wrap executable scripts, codes and content. This provides explicit third-party confirmation of the publisher's identity along with the application's integrity.

Code Signing Certificate

eMudhra's Code Signing Certificates will:

  • Verify publisher's identity
  • Protect the integrity of software publisher
  • Improve customer confidence
  • Maintain content authenticity
  • Protect software from tampering
  • Create a trusted sales outlet
  • Improve software/application downloads
  • Create a trusted distribution outlet

Types of Code Signing Certificates we provide

Code Signing Certificates

Organization Validation level certificates are the standard Code Signing Certificates that are issued after verifying organization authentication and locality presence.

EV Code Signing Certificates

EV Code Signing Certificates provide the highest level of validation in the Authenticode certificates world.

Key Highlights of eMudhra's Code Signing Certificates

Digital Signatures


Trusted by all major operating systems and platforms along with all major browsers
Managed PKI

Two Factor Authentication

Protects private key from theft via hardware token and PIN
Cloud Security

Robustness and Flexibility

Supports signing of unlimited quantities of software along with unlimited re-issuance
Digital Signatures

Immediate Reputation Boost

Microsoft's SmartScreen Application filter gives an immediate boost to your software or application during the downloading process
Managed PKI

Rigorous Vetting Process

Rigorous organization vetting process that is in-line with CA/Browser Forum authentication standards and Microsoft specifications
Cloud Security

Multi-platform Support

Supports all major 32bit/64bit formats including Microsoft Authenticode, Microsoft Office Macro and VBA, Apple OS X, Java, Adobe AIR, Mozilla Objects, Silverlight and Kernel-Mode code signing

Compare Our Code Signing Certificates

Code Signing Certificates

  • Not protected by hardware token
  • Limited vetting process
  • Issued to user's machine

EV Code Signing Certificates

  • Issued to and protected by hardware token and pin
  • Extensive vetting process
  • More secure

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