Email Encryption Certificates

Protecting Emails in Transit and at Rest

Ensure Authenticity, Integrity and Ownership of Electronic Communication with eMudhra's Secure Email Encryption Certificates

Provide the strongest level of authenticity and security to your electronic communications with eMudhra's Email Certificate. The S/MIME technology powered Email Encryption Certificates provided by us gives you the liberty to digitally sign and encrypt your mails as well as attachments. In the process it will help you with two things. One is, ensure that the content is tamper-proof and can only be read by the intended recipient; while other is, allow the recipient to confirm and verify the source or origin as well as integrity of the message.

Email Encrypting Certificate

In simple words, our secure email certificates help you to:

  • Prevent tampering
  • Ensure content integrity
  • Ensure message privacy
  • Keep sensitive information private
  • Prove authorship

What you get with our Secure/Multipurpose
Internet Mail Extension Certificates?

  • 100% secure emails with tamper-evident seal

  • Give you the ability to distinguish authentic emails from phishing or spoofed messages

  • End-to-end encryption to protect emails in transit and at rest

  • Access to SHA256RSA and RSASSA-PSS signing algorithms

  • Get and manage individual certificates online or in bulk through Managed PKI and centralized certificate management

Other Key Highlights

  • Our Email Certificates are trusted by all major email clients and internet browsers

  • Our S/MIME Certificates give you the ability to digitally sign Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents

  • Usage of S/MIME protocol and end-to-end encryption of messages between the sender and receiver to ensure that the mail cannot be intercepted and deciphered by man-in-the-middle attackers, packet-sniffers or https proxies

  • Usage of digital signatures to allow the receiver to validate the authenticity and integrity of the email that is received. It is also a strong counter against phishing attack