Product Engineering Services for IDAM Software Development

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Taking the Complexity Out of IDAM Product Engineering and Development

eMudhra is a software product development company with wide experience in the entire gamut of IDAM product engineering and development services. We specialize in helping IDAM vendors develop state-of-the-art Identity Governance and Access Management solutions through value analysis and engineering. We leverage the right set of technologies and tactical business strategies to guarantee innovation at reduced costs, and help IDAM vendors grow in new markets.

The Range of Product Engineering Services We Provide

Leveraging our offshore centers that are geared with knowledgeable and experienced resources, we offer a breadth of cost-effective IDAM product engineering services, which includes:

  • IDAM software engineering consulting services
  • Ongoing support for running and maintenance of existing IDAM solution for end customers
  • SLA based round-the-clock assistance that can be tailored to customers unique needs

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