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Helping Secure Digital Assets with Cutting-edge Cybersecurity Solutions

Hackers are constantly innovating to come with new tools, methods, and attack vectors to breach your organization's information security defenses. eMudhra's cybersecurity consulting services helps your organization put together a defense strategy through periodic vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services that enables your organization to be proactive in uncovering and addressing security flaws and remediate these flaws through a well-defined cybersecurity strategy.

A vulnerability assessment is only as good as the security experts who design and execute it. This is where experts from eMudhra, with deep knowledge of the cybersecurity and threat landscape can augment your security posture with the necessary skills and technologies that can help mitigate risks.

When you do not have the necessary internal resources or want an external pair of expert eyes to conduct an information risk assessment, eMudhra provides an IT security team with unparalleled expertise and experience.

eMudhra's cybersecurity consulting includes a set of penetration services that is aimed at both external and internal network vulnerability assessments and web, mobile and desktop application penetration testing.

Our Services include

  • Simulation of breaches from outside your network to uncover points of weakness
  • Information systems risk assessment, where we try to breach the information security controls of your organization
  • Security controls assessment to examine and assess various controls, technologies and procedures and identify points of failure
  • Vulnerability discovery and threat modeling to quantify and rank vulnerabilities in your systems

Why eMudhra?

  • Cross-domain, cross-industry expertise
  • Deep expertise in Identity Governance and Access Management
  • Support for multiple standards based security
  • The partner of choice for leading security conscious companies

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