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A One-stop Shop Solution for All Your Identity Management Needs

Stay ahead of every evolving threat in the digital landscape with the complete suite of identity management solutions provided by eMudhra. Our identity management solutions cover all the facets of security lifecycle - starting from identity governance to access management - and provide foolproof security by using cutting edge AI and PKI powered technologies.

eMudhra's Complete Suite of Identity Management Solutions

Multi-factor Authentication

eMudhra's flagship MFA Solution combines powerful features of identity governance with over 15 modes of authentication to give your organization the edge when it comes to securing online access. Our MFA solution has powerful capabilities around Identity Governance and is future ready with FIDO integrations and adaptive authentication extensions.

Off the shelf, our MFA solution comes with support for:

Cybersecurity Solutions

Stay One Step Ahead of Cyber-Attacks at All-time Using emAS MFA

Used by over 400 companies, including some of the biggest banks in India and around the world to authenticate over 10 million transactions every month, emAS is the go to solution. Wondering what is the reason for this? The following video will give you some perspective.

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Identity and Access Management Solution (IAM)

eMudhra's IAM solution is a comprehensive Identity and Access Management solution that powers critical functionality and provides complete transparency and visibility into identities, their access and usage along with the risk they pose to organizations. Our innovative solution is built around the following core pillars:

  • Ensuring Regulatory Compliance
  • Provisioning of identities using access requests or through automated methods
  • Management of access using roles, resources and severities with single sign on
  • Strong authentication with support for 15+ modes of authentication including digital certificates, facial recognition and adaptive authentication using Machine Learning

Key Features

Compliant with Global Standards

Support for multiple standards based security

Plug and Play

Minimal changes required in the legacy application

Flexible and Scalable

Flexible and scalable solutions with a high processing speed

Policy and Risk definition

Support ability to define policies and risk definitions based on customer requirements

Transaction Reports

Transaction reports and log generation for audit trail

Multi-Application Support

Support for deployment across platforms and applications

Why eMudhra?

Increase focus on compliance

Increase focus on compliance

Our identity management solutions allow organizations to increase their focus on compliance through comprehensive identity and policy definitions

Strong Authentication

Strong Authentication

eMudhra's legacy as a strong authentication provider allows organizations to marry identity and access with latest authentication technologies

High Performance and Scalability

High Performance and Scalability

Our identity management solutions meet performance requirements for some of the largest Banks and are designed to scale and manage large user base with even bigger number of entitlements

Rapid Integration and Deployment

Rapid Integration and Deployment

Integrate custom applications quickly using Open Standards and manage changes to resources and applications in real time

Trusted by several large Banks

Trusted by several large Banks

Trusted by several large Banks to manage identity and user authentication

Here's How Companies Have Benefitted by Using Our Identity Management Solutions:

  • A renowned global bank is using our MFA solution to securely process over 2 million transactions per year

Reach us now for a quick demo on how our Identity Management Solutions can help create a trusted network.

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