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The PKI Expert for Seamless Deployment

eMudhra is a licensed Certifying Authority and a market leader in creating an ecosystem of trust by issuing digital signatures which act as federated identities for conducting electronic transactions in a secure manner.

By combining our deep expertise with proprietary R&D, we have come up with cutting edge PKI solutions that are made available to the market at competitive prices.

eMudhra's Complete Suite of PKI Solutions

Managed PKI Solution

eMudhra's Managed PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) solution centralize management of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Certificate Authority (CA) functions, thereby allowing you to create multi-channel access (Cloud or Mobile) for transaction authentication and signing. Our Managed PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) accounts are fully integrated systems that allow for rapid deployment and empower you to take control of certificate management across your entire enterprise.

Digital Signatures

eMudhra provides retail issuance of Digital Signature Certificates through partners and directly to the customers online. For this, eMudhra has created a strong fulfillment process involving partners.

DSCs issued by eMudhra can be used for:

  • Income Tax e-filing
  • Foreign Trade
  • e-Tendering/e-Procurement and so on

Key Features

Rapid Deployment

Rapid Deployment

Plug and play solutions can be deployed rapidly for cloud/mobile applications

Built on Open Standards

Built on Open Standards

Supports all open communication protocols for authentication of people, devices and things.

Support for ECC

Support for ECC

Digital signatures issued have support for multiple cryptographic algorithms including elliptic curve cryptography

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