Sorvive Technologies

Sorvive Technologies Uses emSigner to Seamlessly Issue 5000+ Digitally Signed Invoices

eMudhra successfully assisted Sorvive Technologies, a Florida based IT company, to eliminate paper in one of their most paper intensive process in less than three weeks.

Sorvive Technologies used emSigner, eMudhra's flagship digital signing and paperless office solution, to seamlessly digitize the signing and issuance of invoices. Leveraging emSigner's signer gateway, the company was able to sign and issue 5000+ e-invoices to their global customers in India using Digital Certificates, while meeting global and local regulatory compliance requirements.

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Here's what Larry Galaviz, CEO, Sorvive Technologies, has to say about the implementation-

"We selected eMudhra based on their extensive expertise and quality products. The deployment experience solidified our decision in that we were able to quickly adapt our PDF based process to directly integrate with the emSigner application. Their application works even better than advertised and performs very well in a high transaction environment. Their exemplary staff made our deployment an experience that exceeded our expectations. eMudhra's quality products and excellent staff are to be commended and I fully endorse them."