Public Key Infrastructure

Manage your digital identities and their lifecycle in a single place


Banks routinely deploy Private Certifying Authorities as mandated by legislation for enabling secure login and fund transfers. PKI based authentication is considered most secure as compared to other forms of authentication.

emCA helps Banks quickly deploy Private Certifying Authority to create a trust network of users and customers that can securely login into Banking platforms.

Key Features

Federated Identity Support

Support for issuing keys based on a federated identity like National ID

Blockchain support

Store critical data such as user consent, transaction logs on Blockchain for transaction immutability

Managed PKI

eMudhra offers end to end deployment and management of your PKI as a service

Deployment Models



Deploy emCA in your data center and reap the benefits of PKI.

Managed PKI

Managed PKI

Managed PKI deployment on Cloud with complete lifecycle management by eMudhra.

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