Multi-domain SSL/TLS Certificates

Secure Super Certificate for all your Business Needs

Comprehensive Protection for all Your Domains

eMudhra's Multi-domain TLS Certificate is a "binder certificate" that allows you to combine multiple Basic SSL and Wildcard SSL Certificates into a "super certificate" and secure up to 500 domain names.

By leveraging TLS Subject Alternate Names (SANs), our Multi-domain Certificate helps you protect every type of fully qualified domain names (FQDNs) including public ID addresses, private host names, IP addresses, sub-domains and so on. In the process, it completely eliminates the need to buy an individual SSL certificate for each and every domain you control, which can lead to significant savings with regards to time and money, while providing encrypted protection for all of your business and e-commerce needs.

Multi Domain Certificate

Types of Multi-Domain SAN/UCC TLS Certificates we provide

eMudhra UCC Domain Validation (DV)

  • Fast issuance - issued within minutes

  • Only Domain Validation; No Organization Validation

  • Fast and cheap

eMudhra UCC Organization Validation (OV)

  • Typically issued in 1 day

  • Domain + Organization Validation

  • Reliable!

eMudhra UCC Extended Validation (EV)

  • Typically issued in 1-3 days

  • Domain + Organization Validation

  • Complete Business Validation

  • Most Reliable!

We Are Different; Here's How

Digital Signatures


Our X.509 format certificates help you meet every major software & industry standards across the globe
Managed PKI

Increased ROI

Get more for your money with unlimited licenses, free reissues and eMudhra's reputation
Cloud Security

Add FQND Certificates On the Gosurance

Our UC/ SAN/ Multi-Domain SSL Certificate come standard with 5 FQDNs, with provisions to add 495 more

Also with our Multi-Domain UCC (SAN) TLS Certificates you get:

  • Full Subject Alternative Name (SAN) control

  • Full business validation

  • A site identity assurance Smart Seal - embedded organization name/date/time stamp

All of this goes a long way in :

  • Increasing revenue potential and reducing fraud

  • Improving transaction conversion rates