Single Domain SSL/TLS Certificates

Encrypt . Authenticate . Protect

Delivering Trust Online Instantaneously

eMudhra's Single Domain TLS/SSL Certificates are simple, fast and economical way to protect your website. By encrypting every piece of sensitive information that is submitted on your website with industry-standard encryption up to 256-bits, and displaying trust indicators such as HTTPS and padlock, our Single Domain TLS/SSL Certificates will ensure that the customers do business on your website with confidence.

SSL TLS Certificate

To put it in simple words, our Single Domain TLS Certificates will help you

  • Establish a secure connection between a browser and a server
  • Encrypt communication and reassure visitors about the privacy and security of their sensitive information
  • Authenticate your organization's identity
  • Activate HTTPS and place a padlock next to your web address in the browser

Using eMudhra's Standard SSL/TLS Certificates you can secure:

  • One Domain (both WWW & non-WWW variations)
  • Individual Sub-domain
  • Host Name
  • Public IP Address
  • Mail Server Address

Types of SSL/TLS Certificates we provide

Domain Validated (DV) SSL/TLS Certificates

eMudhra's DV TLS Certificates are no-frills, encryption-only certificates that ascertains that you own the domain you wish to protect.

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Organization Validation (OV) SSL/TLS Certificates

A step up from standard DV SSL Certificates, our OV TLS Certificates provides instant identity confirmation and strong SSL protection for your website.

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Extended Validation (EV) TLS/SSL Certificates

eMudhra's EV TLS Certificates provide confirmation of the trustworthiness, legitimacy and genuineness of your website.

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Salient Features of eMudhra's Standard SSL/TLS Certificates

Digital Signatures


Support for more than 99% of browsers, applications and devices
Managed PKI


Most certificates issued within 1 Hour - 3 days, 1 & 2 year validity options
Cloud Security


Upto 1.5 Million warranty, eMudhra's Dynamic Secured Seal Trustmark
Digital Signatures


Unlimited server licenses, unlimited free re-issues and replacements for lifetime of the certificates
Managed PKI

Multi-platform Support

Supports all major 32bit/64bit formats including Microsoft Authenticode, Microsoft Office Macro and VBA, Apple OS X, Java, Adobe AIR, Mozilla Objects, Silverlight and Kernel-Mode code signing
Cloud Security


Symmetric 256-bit encryption; new powerful 256-bit ECC keys or conventional 2048-bit RSA keys (4096-bit RSA keys are also available)